Welcome to the Compass Rose PWD website. Please feel free to browse the entire site as you will find a lot of useful information on the Portuguese Water Dog breed in general and our foundation breeding program. Whether you are just beginning your research on the breed , or already know that a PWD is the perfect dog , by surfing the information here you are sure to learn something new about this intelligent, spirited and willful breed.

Compass Rose PWD is located in Southeastern Massachusetts on the largest recreational lake in the state and will only breed on occasion. We are active and participate as members in specialty and all breed clubs and their events including Mayflower and Nutmeg PWD specialty clubs and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) and participate in the PWDCA Breeder Referral Program.  Bill is currently the president and chief steward of the Providence County Kennel Club and Vicki works on their annual show committee. All Compass Rose PWD puppies will be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) under full or limited registration.

Our journey with Portuguese Water Dogs began in 2009. We wanted a loyal, affectionate, athletic and adventurous dog that would hopefully love the water as much as we do and be a great sailing companion. We got that and so much more and our love affair with the breed began!

Maxwell, aka Max, PGCH Dandelion’s Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, AOM, RN, CGC was our first PWD who came to our home as a very energetic and loveable puppy. He quickly stole our hearts and our universe revolved around providing him the best home possible. At 6 months we were asked to “consider” showing him in conformation and we were hooked. Max completed his grand championship, a Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen and Pet Partner Therapy titles with Bill behind the leash. We knew he was a once in a lifetime first dog so we continued his show career where he has won multiple breeds, group placements, Award of Merit at Westminster and the PWDCA National, numerous supported entries and is only the second PWD in the history of the breed to achieve Platinum Grand Champion status. Max is also a certified Pet Partner Therapy Dog and spends many a day “seeing” patients at Bill’s office

Fast forward two years later and we adopted yet another energetic puppy, Stella, SGCH Tagalong’s Stella Maris’ Compass Rose, AOM. Stella has won breeds and an Award of Merit at the PWDCA National and is a Silver Grand Champion. She is our foundation for our breeding program.

Our dogs are first and foremost our companions and we travel with them to shows and participate in their care and grooming. We compete in conformation and obedience venues and will be expanding to water in the coming year.

Responsible breeders will ask many questions to make sure your home is the right fit for their puppy. Compass Rose PWD has all puppies Temperament tested with the primary goal of making sure they are right for their new owner family’s lifestyle and their desire for a family pet, a versatile performance companion in obedience, agility and water work or perhaps a future star in the show ring like their parents! Please take the time to visit the American Kennel Club site which is a great source of information. It is important that you are up to the task of daily living with this spirited Working breed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.